Double Action Defence SA is an innovative, modern company based in GREECE fully committed in providing high quality anti-ballistic protection products.


With its 24 year experience, advanced quality and competitive prices, the Double Action Defence SA team is proud to be recognized as one of the main suppliers of the Greek Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Police etc. where it has met the most demanding operational needs of all the above mentioned units.

Supporting our extroverted strategic sales abroad, the company’s products are exported to many countries as well. It is worth mentioning Double Action Defence SA is the main supplier of bulletproof vests and anti-ballistic plates of the UAE AF, the most combative force in this Arab country, being the spearhead of the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces.


Our company invests on continuous quality improvement starting with the selection

of fine raw materials until the final inspection of the completed products.

NCAGE G 2496

Certified Manufacturer/
Trader according to NATO

The most important feature of our products is their reliability, which we guarantee not only with international certificates such as ISO 9001 , but also using an innovative, production and quality control system.

Our products are systematically tested in international Certified Ballistic Laboratories.

The benefits for our customers are the quality of the products, the reliability, combined with affordable prices and the customer support after the purchase of the product in any matter.



We work with the largest companies in the field using raw materials of high quality and specification.